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What is the advantage of the IML in bucket mould

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IML, in-mold labeling,IML bucket mould
In-mold labeling (IML) technology has been widely used.
IML technique was developed more than 40 years. In recent years was gradually deployed to all ove the world, and widely used in packing industry, especially in the bucket molding process.
Bucket of painting, oil, grease, lubricant and other chemicals are popular to use iml dusing it production.
This technology is when filling, at the same time adding to the plastic surface for printing and decoration.
The operation adds to the value of plastic products and improve production efficiency. IML injection molding is the process of laying printed, hot-pressed film into a mold first, then during the filling stage, the melt into the mold cavity combines with the film.
Its advantages are as follows:
1. It can improve production efficiency when production.
2. add the bucket looks and beauty, make the bucket more competitiveness.
3, no secondary process after injection, avoid pollute.
4. can make multiy colors, what ever labels you need, can be done easily.

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