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How many tons mahicne needed for 20Liters paint bucket mould

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1. Approval of injection volume of injection molding machine
Whether the mold cavity can be filled with the maximum amount of injection allowed by the injection machine. If the finished product is partially deficient, the most likely cause is the insufficient injection volume. Therefore, when designing the mold, it should be ensured that the total amount of melt required by the mold is within the range of the actual maximum injection volume of the injection machine. 80% of the rated injection volume of the injection machine, so there are: nm1+m2≦80%m
How many tons mahicne needed for 20Liters paint bucket mould

M1---the mass or volume of a single finished product
M2---the quality or volume of plastic required for the gating system
m --- maximum injection volume allowed by the injection machine (g or cm3)
n --- number of cavities
Note: n is related to the plasticizing rate of the injection machine, the maximum injection volume and clamping force, the precision of the finished product, the economics of production, etc. Generally speaking, the size accuracy of the finished product is 4%~8% lower for each additional cavity. The higher the cost of the mold. For example: gears or blades can only be designed with a maximum of 1*2.
2. Injection molding machine injection pressure check:
This is to verify whether the maximum injection pressure of the injection machine can meet the needs of molding the plastic part. The injection pressure required for the finished product is determined by factors such as the type of injection machine, the form of the nozzle, the fluidity of the plastic, the flow of the casting system and the flow of the cavity. Insufficient injection pressure will actually form a short shot.
Generally speaking, whether the injection pressure is full or not can be controlled by the adjustment personnel. It cannot be adjusted to be too large, so that the pressure at the gate or the strength of the mold is not damaged or the mold cannot be divided.
3. Calculation of clamping force of injection molding machine
When injection molding, the projected area of ​​the plastic part on the mold parting surface is the main factor affecting the clamping force, and the clamping force is proportional to the projection surface. If the clamping force provided by the injection molding machine is not enough, the clamping force will be The mold parting surface is not tightly closed, and the cutting and inserting are not sufficient, so that the burr or the flashing phenomenon is directly formed. The tonnage model of the injection molding machine is determined by the clamping force, and the formula for quickly calculating the tonnage required for the clamping force of the injection molding machine is:
F1=(n A1+A2) P
A1---Maximum projected area of ​​finished product, total length * total width Unit: cm2
A2---Projection area of ​​the gating system Unit: cm2
P --- Pressure coefficient (high pressure: 0.75 tons / cm 2 general pressure: 0.5 tons / cm2)
F1---Resin pressure Unit: ton
F1≦80% F F---Clamping force of injection molding machine
According to the weight of 20L paint bucket mold should be about 700g-1000g, then the selected injection molding machine should be between 400-500T injection molding machine. This depends on the specific parameters of the injection molding machine given by each manufacturer.

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