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How to design the paint bucket mold to ensure concentricity

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Paint bucket mould: paint bucket sealing
          The paint bucket mold is different from the ordinary plastic bucket mold design. First it requires the sealing structure, and the seal has high requirements for the mold. This is also one of the difficulties in the paint bucket mold.
         Therefore, when make paint bucket pail mould need pay special attention to the water sealing requirements . The body and lid of the paint bucket should be designed together, and the interference fit should be designed in the sealed part to ensure the sealing.
Paint bucket mould: paint bucket concentricity
          The other is the uniformity of the wall thickness of the paint bucket. That is to say, eccentricity or eccentric,  is an important reference indicator for the success or failure of the paint bucket mold. Once the paint bucket mold is eccentric, it is impossible to produce a qualified sample, and at the same time it is difficult to molding. Seaco Mould summarizes the mature structural design scheme based on our experience in the design of the paint bucket mould. The paint bucket mould we produce can avoid the occurrence of eccentricity well, and can be designed according to our design mechanism. And during the mold maintenance period, it is easily adjust the concentricity of the paint bucket mold.

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