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Seaco Mould is the channel manufacturer and supplier of plastic bucket mould. According to the company's development model. it has reached an interest alliance and long-term relationship with agent to establish “shared development and share wealth”.

First. the basic qualifications that agent should have
(1) Being interested in the mold industry. have entrepreneurial desires and confidence in success in mould business;
(2) It has a wide range of personal connections in the local area. especially with plastic industry and packing industry. and is easy to carry out business;
(3) Having certain mold business or plastic products business experience. and having relatively mature commercial and sales channels;
(4) An independent office (with showroon)and certain advantages;
(5) Have legal business qualifications.
Second. the Seaco Mould on the agent policy
(1) Office more than 20 square meters with show rooms.
(2) Annual sales return indicator:
A. Prefecture-level cities 20,000 usd / year or more
B. The province agent 50,000 usd / year or more
(3)Settlement method: payment order. payment to delivery
1. As an intermediary: the agent directly communicates with the customer. and then provides the quotation to the customer according to the quotation provided by the company. gain by difference; the agent is responsible for customer tracking. after-sales support. delivery. etc.
2. The agent work as the agent of the company communication. the company directly contact the customer. quote. shipment. payment. the company will provide service commission for the agent.
(4) Settlement price: CIF
(5) Sales rewards: we offer good sales agent rewards in condition whom make good sale activities.
(6) After sale service:
1. The company authorized the agent to have complex after-sales service. and the expenses will be payed by the company. The company will carry out free or ask small amount of repair cost according to the situation;
2. Repair time: The agent will arrive at the customer factory within 24-48 hours after the company's notice.
3. after the repair. the warranty for three months; repeated problems within three months. repair again. the cost will be the responsibility of the agent. .
(7). joining conditions: the order form is completed over 10,000 US dollars and above.
(8). Agent support policy: the company will send the company's promotional samples. business cards. samples and other necessary supplies for free.
1. Propaganda: the company unified the sample and unified the business card;
2. Support content: the company provides promotional materials. video. design. technical communication. and quotation about the mold business;
3. The proportion of exhibition support: for agents with annual sales of more than 200,000 US dollars. the company will subsidize the exhibition. the subsidy fee and the proportion is not higher than 50% (standard exhibition only). and the customized booth will be discussed separately.
(9) Annual Quality Customer Award: The client company that meets the following conditions will be considered to be the exclusive agent in the region.
A. the same paragraph of the annual payment of more than 500,000 US dollars
B. good performance credit
C. low customer complaints
D. There is no violation of the company's market management regulations. flying orders. hiding orders. and selling prices.
(10). agent contract signing period and business channels:
1. Agent contract period: three years
2. Scope of business of the agent: Promotion. sales and after-sales activities in the area where the company approves.
Third. agent policy of Seaco Mould was implemented on January 1. 2018.

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