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Whynot join us to be agent?

First, professional bucket mold manufacturer.

We focus on one kind mould making operation system,focus on bucket mould only, more concentric and focus, have strong brand influnce, and more than 10 years in this area, have gained a lot potential customers.
Second, open channels for partners, a variety of cooperation methods
Single joining (flexible franchise policy, independent promotion plan)
Foreigh trade company, SOHO (flexible franchise policy, independent promotion plan)
Establish regional brand developers based on the city or province (full responsibility for the terminal channel construction of the SEACO brand in specific regions, brand operation promotion)
Third, low risk, zero inventory
Perfect  project control system and after sale service, flexible and independent sales policy to ensure agent have low risk and zero inventory.
Fourth, unblocked agent and company information channels
Powerful agent management system, each agent will be served by one salesman or saleswomen, perfect communication channel mechanism to achieve timely and efficient information communication between agent and companies.
5. New brand promotion concept and operation mode
In addition to expand business, the company has also invested into online adverticement and .professional fires. In addition, according to the specific conditions of each specialty agent, Support one-agent-one-policy promotion and sales planning support.
Six, multi-point logistics base
SEACO has set up wordwide logistic, and mature logistics management modes in major logistics hub cities across the country to ensure fast and efficient logistics support for agent.
Seven, professional, all-round on-site opening support
Before the develop new customer, the company will guide agent how to find customers and how to start business, also at the biginning we will share you customer data we collect to help you grow quickly.
Eight, professional, single agent operation, management training
The company develops a system based on the specific conditions of a single agent, an effective mold project management process, and conducts targeted business training for mold managers and project managers on a regular basis.

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